Mikaela Honeywill Style & Beauty

‘ Let’s Capture The True Essence Of Your Beauty’

‘With a wealth of experience and knowledge gained over the years, I am here to help women discover their inner & outer beauty - gain strength & confidence via personal styling & wardrobe edits/ makeup bag edits & lessons/ skincare & aesthetic advice and personal shopping. I can also arrange for a photoshoot with a professional photographer. Furthermore I have knowledge of the menopause, thyroid health and nutrition. I am a great believer that women can reinvent themselves at any age and I am here to help you re-ignite that fire within you to become the best version of yourself - a true authentic beauty!
My style and beauty services are for women of all ages, as I love spending time with different generations and hearing their life stories.’

All featured images; a selection of makeup, hair & styling by me. Photography by Chris Scott, Heather Favell, Scarlett Warrick & Mikaela Honeywill

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