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Combining colour & body shape knowledge is a powerful tool that will help you become the best version of yourself.
During the consultation we will discuss your body shape and your current style as well as establishing your
colour palette running through each of the 4 colour seasons using colour capes.

Depending on your skin tone -yellow (warm) or red (cool), the right colours can completely transform
you in the most positive of ways as it will make you look brighter & younger.
Once we have analysed your body shape, I will teach you the tricks of how to elongate your body, slim it down or add fullness to certain areas.

I will show you how to solve any style, shape & colour issues that you may have and emphasise what you
love about your shape as well as cleverly hiding the bits that you are less fond of.

A simple formula for dressing your body shape will help reduce time and frustration when shopping online and in shops.
We will develop your own style, cuts, colours & fabrics that suit your body shape and your lifestyle.


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Booking a wardrobe edit is an exciting step in finding a new stylish you!

As we declutter some of your clothes and make piles of ‘keeps’, ‘maybes’ & ‘let go of’, we will assess items for fit & colour,
 breathe fresh air into items that might not have been worn for years, create new looks, select pieces
for selling on, discard items for charity and recommended pieces for tailoring.

There may be pieces that you want to put away for safekeeping; sentimental pieces of clothes that may have belonged to your mother etc.
Clients often find it helpful for me to photograph them during our session in clothing combinations that we put together
so that they can be remembered and used for future reference. The photos are always taken with the client’s camera.

A wardrobe edit is a really liberating process as you clear out all the ‘unwanteds’ to make space for new and exciting
pieces that really fits your body shape and your colouring.


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Prior to the shopping day, I will work with you to gain an insight into your personal preference when it comes to fashion. This will include styles, colours & shapes, likes & dislikes and areas of concern. The Colour Analysis, Style & Body Shape Consultation is the ideal way to start your journey prior to a Wardrobe Edit & a Personal Shop.

I will help you buy the right items which you will wear over & over again, pieces that makes you feel truly comfortable and amazing because they fit right according to your body shape and flatters you colour wise. I will help you develop your personal style, shop effectively and help you avoid making bad shopping choices in the future.

Every shop is planned specifically for each client using an agreed priority shopping list and my knowledge of brands and locations.
The shops will be appropriate for both your style and budget.

I also recommend Designer Dress Agencies as an option to keep fashion circular - quality pieces
that are individual and will last forever for a fraction of the price they originally cost. 

My personal shopping trips are mostly held in London, Brighton & Tunbridge Wells.

I also recommend Designer Dress Agencies as an option to keep fashion circular - quality pieces
that are individual and will last forever for a fraction of the price they originally cost or if you want help
with shopping on Vinted I’m equally as happy to help you!


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What you receive:

  • Initial phone call to discuss your requirements
  • Prior to your personal shopping experience, I will send out a personal styling questionnaire
          to find out all the info I need in order to plan your shop
  • After the colour analysis & body shape consultation (with added information post wardrobe edit)
          a document based on your needs

    available upon request to be arranged with a professional photographer at an additional cost.

    I am available to do makeup, hair & styling.
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