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Melissa Morton - Hicks

‘Mikaela is an incredibly professional and talented makeup artist who is a great member of the team, always bringing a positive attitude to the set and great with high profile talent. I am glad to say she has become one of my dear friends. I will recommend her again & again!’

Melissa Morton - Hicks

Producer Eagle Rock Films

Liz Timms 

‘Mikaela has been my go-to makeup artist for years. We’ve worked together on numerous projects including idents for all of EMAP’s Music Channels, UKTV, the BBC and many commercials.

With a wealth of experience behind her, Mikaela is quick to understand the director’s vision. She is able to make valuable contributions to help achieve any look you want and prepares thoroughly researched reference and mood boards before the shoot.

On sets, Mikaela builds great relationships with cast and crew and puts people immediately at ease. She works swiftly without compromising on quality & detail.

Mikaela is not just talented; she’s great fun to have around and brings a can-do attitude that’s a bonus to any production.’

Liz Timms 

Production Manager (freelance)

Jenny Pollitt

I had such a great time with the talented and totally lovely Mikaela.
Such a treat to be looked after and given expert advice and tips for my ageing skin.

Mikaela takes the clean holistic approach to self care.
Inside and outside are equally important and complement each other.

Mikaela is a true artist who spends time and care considering the whole person.

I have had a tough few months and now feel ready to face new challenges and exciting projects.
If you have a special occasion or simply want to give yourself an update or a treat, then do contact her.’

Bianca Jackson

‘Mikaela is an exceptional makeup artist. She understood the natural look that I wanted to achieve for my wedding and made me, as well as my bridesmaids, into the best versions of ourselves. Though her skill and professionalism are enough to recommend her, Mikaela is also a pleasure to spend time with. She is friendly, thoughtful & a very calming presence, which is particularly important on your wedding day. I love her work and if I could, I would have her do my makeup every day!’

Annie Prime

Feeling overwhelmed by the vast world of skincare and makeup,
I sought guidance from Mikaela, who provided personalised advice and recommendations in the comfort of my own home.
With her expert suggestions, I now have a clear direction on which products and techniques to incorporate
into my routine. Implementing just a few of her tips has already made a noticeable difference
in the appearance of my skin, boosting my confidence.
Mikaela's practical advice on cost-effective shopping ensures I won't break the bank on unnecessary items.
I think this session will save me a lot of money in the long run.
Not to mention, she was delightful and a lot of fun to hang out with!’

Leslie Gooch

‘I am 63 years old and have barely worn any makeup for the last 30 years
as I was unsure of how to achieve a natural look. 

Mikaela was so professional and extremely kind to me.

We discussed my skincare routine and she prepared an extensive document of the session spent together
as well as instructional videos showing me how to apply the makeup products
that we had used during the session.

She was very informative and gave me advice on beauty /makeup products
suitable for my skin and my colouring.

Mikaela is a genuinely lovely person who made me
feel very special and truly valued.

I wholeheartedly recommend her services’.

Mary Sanders

‘Feeling the need to up my makeup game as I age, I turned to Mikaela, who had wowed me with her skills at my wedding.
She arrived at my house radiating glamour & a big smile, armed with a treasure trove of wonderful products; high quality & many of them organic to cater for my sensitive skin. Patiently, she guided me through skincare basics and matched me with the perfect foundation
that suited my skin tone.She was incredibly patient & good humoured about my lack of skill with the makeup brushes and
together we created a stunning daytime & an evening look, tailored to enhance my features & my colouring.
Unlike impersonal department store makeovers,
Mikaela’s personalised touch and skills and vast product selection made all the difference.
As the session ended, Mikaela told me to call her if I needed any follow-up advice.
She is not just talented; she’s a joy to be around as she is so warm, kind and positive.
I wholeheartedly recommend her services for anyone seeking a transformative and uplifting experience.’


Claire Gambling

‘Mikaela has provided me with styling for a number of years.

She has always provided a brilliant service and has a fantastic sense of style which she is able to pass on to her clients.

I love her ability to identify pieces that I may not normally choose but which are absolutely right for me.

Equally I love her honesty -always very polite- when I select something which does not suit me!

In addition to her styling skills, her friendly and welcoming personality ensure that I always have an enjoyable shopping experience!’

Claire Gambling

Caroline Greenwood

‘ It was such a relief to come across Mikaela as she takes time to listen and is always willing to provide constructive feedback -she reassuringly steers and supports you to make choices that you might ordinarily avoid. I can only aspire to emulate her effortless style.’

Caroline Greenwood

Heather Favell

‘I first met Mikaela while she was working at Wild Swans and was extremely impressed by her keen fashion eye and timeless style.

She has a warm and effervescent character that immediately puts you at ease whilst shopping and never makes you feel pressured.

She makes honest and well chosen suggestions, often with pieces that I would not have normally considered.

We ended up chatting for ages and the conversation drifted to so many interesting topics to do with women and their lives.

I feel she has a very intuitive talent of how to make a woman look and feel her best, taking into consideration all the factors that affect our changing physiques.

She is always positive and a pleasure to deal with.’

Heather Favell

Tracey Karen

‘I met Mikaela at Wild Swans in London. She is an incredibly helpful & friendly person with an amazing eye for style.

She always ‘wears it well’ and knows how to help you look ultra stylish too.

She is very approachable & insightful and sharing your fashion dilemmas with her feels like confiding in a close friend and her expert advice never disappoints.

For anyone seeking a style upgrade and some advice, I highly recommend Mikaela -she will infuse your wardrobe with the colours and styles that are right for you!’

Tracey Karen


Anthony C Chu, FRCP

‘Mikaela spent two years managing my dermatology and laser clinic up until my retirement in  December 2019.
She is incredibly knowledgeable regarding the aesthetic treatments and products used in the clinic.
Mikaela is a delightful person who was always charming and polite and was very well liked by both clients and colleagues.’

Anthony C Chu, FRCP

Professor of Dermatology

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