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Combining colour & body shape knowledge is a powerful tool that will help you become the best version of yourself. During the consultation we will discuss your body shape and your current style as well as establishing your colour palette running through each of the 4 colour seasons using colour capes. Depending on your skin tone -yellow (warm) or red (cool), the right colours can completely transform you in the most positive of ways as it will make you look brighter & younger. Once we have analysed your body shape, I will teach you the tricks of how to elongate your body, slim it down or add fullness to certain areas. I will show you how to solve any style, shape & colour issues that you may have and emphasise what you love about your shape as well as cleverly hiding the bits that you are less fond of. A simple formula for dressing your body shape will help reduce time and frustration when shopping online and in shops. We will develop your own style, cuts, colours & fabrics that suit your body shape and your lifestyle.

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