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WARDROBE EDIT (up to 3 hrs)

£225.00 GBP

Booking a wardrobe edit is an exciting step in finding a new stylish you!
As we declutter some of your clothes and make piles of ‘keeps’, ‘maybes’ & ‘let go of’, we will assess items for fit & colour, breathe fresh air into items that might not have been worn for years, create new looks, select pieces for selling on, discard items for charity and recommended pieces for tailoring. There may be pieces that you want to put away for safekeeping; sentimental pieces of clothes that may have belonged to your mother etc. Clients often find it helpful for me to photograph them during our session in clothing combinations that we put together so that they can be remembered and used for future reference. The photos are always taken with the client’s camera. A wardrobe edit is a really liberating process as you clear out all the ‘unwanteds’ to make space for new and exciting pieces that really fits your body shape and your colouring.

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